D&D Saturday: Anachronist Background

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Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Today we have another new background for use in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons: the Anachronist.  This is a character who is usually from the future but is somehow sent back and stranded in a more primitive time, essentially a time refugee.  Of course, it could be that his era is more advanced but he is sent into a future that is actually more primitive, such as what happened to Tidus in Final Fantasy X.

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D&D Saturday: the Pioneer Background

 Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Today we present to you a new background for your characters: the pioneer.  Unlike hermits and outlanders, these people live at the edge of civilization and help shape what future civilization will entail, whether that means expanding it or protecting it from being shrunk.  If a civilization is being attacked from without, then it is pioneers who will first feel the brunt of it.  If a civilization has just arrived in an area, it is the pioneer who discovers what new boons and threats civilization has now gained. Continue reading

Mystara for D&D 5th Edition

D&D LogoUPDATED: 6:23 PM US East Coast Time, August 13, 2015.

There was a glut of settings for 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  One of the few that are usually forgotten about is the Mystara setting.  If you were a fan of the setting, you have been going thru a drought for over 15 years.  However, that drought may now have ended, because…

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D&D Saturday: The State of D&D

D&D LogoIt has been one year since 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons has been released.  One things that is obvious in the past year is the relative lack of new product for it, and lack of 3rd Party attention outside of various adventure modules.  Last weekend at Gen Con, Miek Mearls was interviewed and, by parsing thru his answers, we get some idea on the status of D&D. Continue reading

D&D Saturday: the Katta race

For the second D&D Saturday, we are creating a new race for use in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons…the Katta.  The Katta are a race featured in the classic Sierra On-Line series, Quest for Glory.  While almost all katta are merchants, these bipedal small felines are rightly beloved by fans of the series, and can make a fun race for your adventurer. Continue reading

Surveying the D&D Survey

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Yesterday, Mike Mearls released the findings of a previous survey focusing on finding out the most popular settings, character concepts, and races not yet officially in Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  It has some interesting findings, so we at Icygeek are going to interpret and read between the lines of Mearls announcement. Continue reading