Louisville Geek Resources

Are you a newly arrived geek in Louisville or surrounding area and want to know where to go?  Here’s some help.



Great Escape has long been the premier place to go for comics and other pop-culture items in Louisville.  Comic Book World has been around for awhile as well.  The Destination is fairly new, but has much to recommend it.   To a lesser degree is Heroes Comics.  There is no recommended place to buy comics in Southern Indiana.

Comic Book World: 6905 Shepherdville Rd. Louisville

The Destination: 5031 Shelbyville Rd., St. Matthews

Great Escape: 2433 Bardstown Rd, Louisville

Heroes Comics: 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville



The area has two solid, long-time places for costumes: Caufield’s in downtown Louisville (they have their own parking lot) and Horner’s Novelty in downtown Jeffersonville.  Spirit Halloween Stores have a franchise during the Halloween season at Shelbyville Road Plaza in St Matthews, and are supposed to have one in Clarksville as well.

Caufield’s: 1006 W. Main St, Louisville

Horner’s Novelty: 310 Spring St, Jeffersonville

Spirit (Louisville): 4600 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville


Magic: The Gathering

There’s no one dominant place for Magic in Louisville.  Through the Decades and Heroes Comics seem to be the most recommended.  Across the river, Hockeyman’s in Jeffersonville has long had great prices.

Heroes Comics: 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville

Hockeyman’s: 125 E. Maple St Jeffersonville

Through the Decades: 9008 Taylorsville Rd, J-town



Sadly, there is no dedicated anime place in Louisville, althro The Zone used to (and is worth going to anyway).  Ultra Pop has a bunch of odds and ends of Japanese culture.  Comic Book World can be great to find manga.  If you need refreshment, if it’s the alcoholic kind you can go to Kaiju and if the coffee kind, Pearl Street Game and Coffee House in Jeff.  Both establishments cater to us geeks.


Comic Book World: 6905 Shepherdville Rd. Louisville

Kaiju: 1004 E. Oak St., Louisville

Pearl St. Game & Coffee: 405 E. Pearl, Jeffersonville

Ultra Pop!: 960 Barret Ave, Highlands

The Zone: 291 N. Hubbards Ln, St. Matthews.