Louisville Supercon

The owner of Derby City Comiccon has sold it to another con organizer, and renamed it to Louisville Supercon.  It’ll be at the Kentucky “International” Convention Center the weekend after Black Friday weekend.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.  We still will try to make this a semi-active website, but it has not been easy.  However, we have updated the Convention page for conventions that we know will happen this year.

Louisville Zombie Walk

Once again, sorry for new updates.  Personal life still in upheaval, and a excrementy new computer are much to blame.

Anyway, our Convention pages have been updated.  We’ve added the Louisville Zombie Walk.

Note on Future Reviews

As Icygeek approaches it’s first anniversary, we are still deciding what we need to be, and finding the time to be that.  We have decided one thing on reviews: unless it’s an episode that stands on its own, we will only rate the first episodes of a series, and if we review the entire series episode by episode we’ll rate the entire series in the season finale.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.