2015 WWE Summerslam Predictions

WWF old logoTime was that we at Icygeek were fans of wrestling.  But after CM Punk’s seemingly-permanent departure and Daniel Bryan having to forsake the title in 2014, WWE has sucked pretty hard.  RAW became the reason why we ended up getting a DVR…so that we could bypass much of RAW, if not just skip it entirely.  But somehow Vince McMahon decided to have the gall to have the first ever four-hour Summerslam, when only Wrestlemania has been that long.  A total of ten matches have been announced, and there doesn’t look to be much to recommend.  Still, we at Icygeek do have predictions for this alleged extravaganza. Continue reading

Anime Potshots: Wanna be the Strongest in the World Episode 1

Welcome back to Anime Potshots, where we make snarky comments over a single episode of an anime series.  Today we have Wanna be the Strongest in the World.  I first learned of this while volunteering at the Anime Track at the Origins Game Fair, and since I am a long time wrestling fan (althro I have been mostly away from it) I thought I might like it.  Watching it also taught me the word “ecchi”.  Don’t know what that means yet?  You will…you will…

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The Quintessential Rowdy Roddy Piper

Wrestling should stop being so shocking we reckon.  After all, of the 38 wrestlers who performed at Wrestlemania VI, fourteen have died as of last night, and that number does not include Miss Elizabeth.  However, Roddy Piper seems like perhaps the biggest loss yet.  He had never worn out his welcome.  Whether as a dastardly heel or a beloved crazy babyface, he was an icon, surpassed only by the likes of the “Superstar Trio” of Hogan, Austin, and The Rock.  But what were the quintessential moments of Roddy Piper.  Scouring thru Youtube and the like, we at Icygeek have found the moments that simply define the Hot Rod.  Here is out tribute to him.

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