The Best Films of 1986

Originally published on Geekdom 101 on May 13, 2016.

Sorry for not posting on this website for so long…it’s been hard enough to update my own website, let alone another’s.  Anyhow, there is one article I was looking forward to writing, and this is it.  This my list of the top movies of 1986.  In most years I have a hard enough time coming up with 10 films, and in those I would have no interest in watching again any not in the top 3.  But this year was amazing for movies.  Of my top 10 favorite movies from the 1980s, five are from this year.  Heck, the top 4 are contenders for my favorites of all time.  This is a solid list.  So solid that I had to make it my top dozen as I felt I had to put the #11 and #12 on the list.  It is that good of a list.

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First Look: Fantastic Four (1994)

Fantastic Four seemed to be cursed.  The 2005 and 2007 movies were widely panned, and it looks like the new one won’t even perform as well as those two.  However, the reason why the Fantastic Four is not in the MCU was due to a movie that was never officially released, made solely to keep the movie rights to the FF.  Was it any good?  Well, I haven’t watched it before but we can watch it together.  If you have never read a “First Look” with me before, I watch a classic geek movie for the first time, making snarky commentary throughout the film, and then go full spoilerish in final commentary.  I’ve embedded the movie into the article, so you can watch it too. Continue reading

4 Ways to make a Fantastic 4 Movie Fantastic

Reviews are now in for the latest Fantastic 4 movie, and by all accounts, the movie is…doomed. (Sorry/not sorry)  Did it have to be doomed?  No, but Fox Studios made some fundamental mistakes.  In this article we will look at four things that Fox could have done to make a better movie.  A future article will propose four movies they could have done with the Fantastic 4 that could have done more than draw flies.

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