Ranking the Final Fantasy Female Trinities

Originally published on Geekdom 101 on May 27, 2016.


Having just played and finished Final Fantasy 13 for the first time, I was planning on writing my review for the site.  However, there isn’t much more I can add to the excellent review of the game for the site 6 years ago.   However, as I was playing the post-game with the three female characters, I soon realized that every Final Fantasy game I have played all featured three and just three females.  It made me wonder if Thirteen had the best trinity of “girl power” in any Final Fantasy game.  Developing my system to rate, here is my review of every grouping of females in Final Fantasy, from Six to Thirteen.

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Head to Head: Future Worlds Bracketology

MTG_Logo_orangeWe here at Icygeek are based at the epicenter of college basketball bracketology, but the fact is that we care more about Magic: the Gathering than basketball (this is considered heresy in the Hoosier state).  While we have watched in participated in Mark Rosewater’s (Maro’s) head to head brackets since he started doing them on Twitter, it is the one starting on February 29 that really gets our interest: a match-up of future worlds.  These are reported the 16 most request themes for future Magic planes to have sets based within.  With a look ahead, here is what we forecast.

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Anime Review: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 1

Continuing on our quest of anime reviews, we now go to one we’ve been meaning to watch since June of last year: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?.  Being that we love RPGS as much as anime, we’ve been wanting to check this out.  so here is our review of the first episode,  Bell Cranel | Adventurer, where we find out that it isn’t that easy being a beginning adventurer.  Like always, we start with taking some potshots at it while we watch, and then we give our take.

NOTE: we updated the review when we saw we published it before finishing it.  Oops.

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D&D Saturday: Love Lord Pact

Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We had been planning for months for this day to be the day we debut the last of our Synn Plane pacts: the Lust pact.  However, it has been impossible to decide which spells and what abilities would be appropriate to use for this pact, especially since we penguins believe in being a cut above the rest.  Deciding what we would do instead, we instead chose to use the idea of love.  Below is the Love Lord Pact

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Magic Special: Penguin Awareness Day, Disneyfied

Donald Duck Penguin HunterToday is Penguin Awareness Day, the greatest idea for a holiday ever (or at least for a January holiday).  What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of Penguin magic cards.  Wait, what’s that?  There is only one card in all in Magic that references penguins, and it is an Unhinged card with ugly as hell artwork?  Ahh, guano!  Well, to make up for it, we’ve mocked up a bunch of penguin cards we designed for what a future Disney Magic: the Gathering set would look like, and posted them here.  Since these were mostly made prior to the summer of 2015, and much of it dates back to 2004, there is a lot of islandwalk and protection from blue here.  Still, what do you expect from penguins?

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