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Considering some of the editing on our Upcoming Cons page, I decided to make a post about.  In particular, Conglomeration and Starbase Indy needed mentioning.

I never went to a Conglomeration, but scoped it out this past weekend, but could not actually attend due to have business elsewhere nearby.  I may have gone on Sunday, but they almost nothing going on yet was charging full-day price.  That was ridiculous.  The reason I put ???s by Conglomerations entries in 2019 and 2020 was that I was told that the next two Conglomerations would be “This weekend.  Easter weekend.”  However, Easter jumps around, so this weekend next year and Easter weekend next year just do not match.  I assumed they just meant Easter weekend and dated them as such, until such time as a firm date is established.

As for Starbase Indy, it was announced last week on Facebook that for the time being the convention is Cancelled, althro there is a get-together that might see it return, althro if it would be in time for this year, or it might never come back, remains to be seen.  Starbase Indy did go a few years without being held before it came back for its recent run.  Things the con has endorsed in years past have give cause to question its judgment ability, and for the last of the leaders to decide to tap out might be a blessing in disguise.

As it stands, the upcoming convention page with list most any geek gathering withing 125 miles of Louisville, and list anything of any real size within 225 miles of Louisville.  If there is something I’m missing, please mention on our FB page.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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