Transformers R.I.D. Analysis: History Lessons

Bumblebee RIDIt’s been awhile, but now another new season of Robots in Disguise has begun.  If you read our previous reviews, you know we have been hesitant about this series.  Will Season 3 be an improvement?  Let’s hope so.  Here is our review, with potshots, of the first episode of the season…History Lessons,


Those two are still going at it?

Have a little faith dude.

No opening credits for Drift?

Sideswipe is getting on my nerves.

Those drones are weak.

Mini-con turning into weapon = useful mini-con



Nice colors ‘Bee.

When do scavengers go out of their way to kill?

Do I smell a babyface turn coming for that mini-con?



That’s pushy, ‘Bee.

Clear as a smell? Heh.

Yep, amusing.


There is some hope for this series after all.

Other than  Sideswipe getting annoying at times, all the characters worked.  Buzzstrike, the mini-con, was the most intriguing of the characters, and it seems like he is bound to be the mini-con for either Sideswipe or Bumblebee, althro the name seems to go better with ‘Bee.

This definitely didn’t feel like a season opener for the most part, but it does set up a few plot points for future episodes.  We’ll have to see what develops.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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