Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Analysis

It’s almost a week late, but why not.  Here is our analysis and taking “potshots” at the season 2 opener of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, entitled Out of Time.


Interesting new opener

Hopefully this series doesn’t bomb.


Three Musketeers vs Sci -Fi…how high were the writers?

Cool Firestorm joining

That could have been worth watching, eh Jax?

“Stealing’s not screwing up.”  XD

Nuke NYC?


Kidnap Einstein?

Nerd party.  🙂

Just try that “3rd Law” in 2016.

Nice callback


Assassin is about to kick boy scout ass.

Well that definitely went all to hell.


Which of course means they are going to have to use it.

Timescatter…now I get it.

That’s a blast.



I’d rather do something else to that witch.

Yes she is.

Goodbye to Rip?


Evil x2

Hello JSA.


This is the WRONG team for subtle history wrangling.

I have a feeling that this is going to be the wacky series for DC television, it’s equivalent of MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Is pot legal in Vancouver, where they tape all these TV series, or are they actually filmed in Colorado?

It definitely felt like something was missing from the show.  I think it’s the lack of Captain Cold stealing scenes.  Yes, there are the Hawkpeople, but they were always kinda “meh”.  I wish they hadn’t written off Leonard Snart, but I do here he will be seen on other DC series, but as a villain.  Pity.

I’m also amused about White Canary have a high-crazed lesbian sex drive.  First in France, and then in Salem.  Is this going to be a running gag?  If so, it could be fun.

There is some concern about how much longer this series will last.  Maybe making it wacky, to use the favorite word of our friends at Geekdom101, will give it legs.  Time will tell.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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