Supergirl Season 2 Opener Analysis

supergirlYou just have to love all these superhero season openers at once (almost).  It is a rush.  Here is our review of Supergirl‘s second season, and the first one intended to be on the CW…The Adventures of Supergirl, done in our usual style of first “potshots”, and then our spoilery analysis.


Nice new open for Supergirl

Not how last season ended, but I’ll take it

Who could it be now!!!

Does the bat have super powers?

#TeamWinn all the way.

We’ll miss seeing Cat as often as we have.

I guess she “ventured” to turn the TV on?

Hello Clark.

Stop doing close-ups that are disappointing.

Now that’s a mixed tag team.

Now there’s a visual.


J’onn and Clark have heat with each other?

I’d call Kansas more Great Plains than Midwest.

Lena Luthor?


L Corp?  Does this mean no Max Lord this season?

Operation Emerald?  Darn, I hoped that was a Green Lantern reference.

Why people hate drones.


Nice saves.

Tick tock


Love seeing Alex kicking butt

Nice shooting


That’s why she’s Cat Grant

Kara cursing could be fun.

But a cute spinster.

Up up and away.



Hard to hope for better.

We knew there would be some changes with Supergirl’s budget having to reflect being on CW rather than CBS.  Being a reporter makes her more like her cousin, but it also means she has mre of a reason to not be in the office.  With Winn working for the DEO and the cooling off of Kara/Jimmy, there is much less reason for Kara being in the office, and therefore the fact that Calista Flockhart doesn’t have to be seen so much being around if she’s in the office and Kara and Winn are not (althro it sounds like Cat might be occupied elsewhere this season.)

Also, when reading previews of the season, we were worried about Superman’s casting, but the dude does work as Superman…definitely better than in Man of Steel.  However, other previews states that it would be Alex that has problems with Superman, and instead the problems rest between J’onn and Superman, due to the presence of Kryptonite.  Makes sense, althro personally we hope something is done to get rid of it for awhile as it was seriously overused last season.

It looks liem Cadmus will eb our big bad the season, althro never count a Luthor to turn out to be evil.  Also, we hope we haven’t seen the last of Max Lord.  In the 1990’s the Max Lord character had some mild telepathic powers, and it would help freshen the character.

All in all, two wingtips out for this first episode.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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