Anime Review: Kaiju Girls Episode 1

ISIS-Chan PenguinJust as we was looking for a new anime to review, here is a post from Crunchyroll saying episode 1 from a series called…Kaiju Girls.  Why not review it?  Below is out review of the first episode, entitled We’re Kaiju Girls?!  As per our usual style, we first take potshots at it while watching it, and then give our analysis.

The episode is found on Crunchyroll at:


0:00  Only 5 minutes long?

0:42 This intro will last 20-40% of the episode

1:13  Uh oh

1:47  Pigmon?

2:08  I have a yen to know how much that is in dollars

2:52  That didn’t transform her?

3:51  Useful

4:34  And here’s the outro


With only 3 and a half minutes of actual show, it was hard to transcribe our potshots as everything was blink and you miss it.  It is also hard to have much of an opinion on it.  A usual 20-minute episode anime could do much with this premise, but we have serious doubts on how much watching a bunch of short clips would work.  Last year we reviewed Vixen, which also had short episodes, but those seemed to work better than here.

If you have a few minutes to spare, go ahead and watch it.  Personally we’ll just give this a penguin shrug.  If we watch another episode great, and if not great as well.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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