Anime Review: The Familiar of Zero, Episode 1

zero-louiseWe have been slacking with the site lately, but reviews of 20 minute anime seem to work well.  So we decided to try to find something fun and we have…Familiar of Zero.  We have never seen it before, so watch with us as we have the episode embedded below (at least until Youtube pulls it), with our typical potshots of the episode, with a final analysis below it.  Here is our take of the first episode of The Familiar of Zero: entitled Zero Louise.


0:21  Opening theme makes me think that M.A.S.K. is about to be on

1:25  Liking them giving us the names of the characters

1:30  Yeah, these characters won’t matter as much, so let’s quickly disperse with them

2:11 Don’t play with a witch’s feelings dude.

3:00  Wow, already dislike him

4:06  I’ve got a bad feeling about this

4:43 That sounds ominous

5:37  Damn, this dude’s pervier than Elminster

6:09  Kinky

7:56  That sounds ominous too…

9:03  Does she have the same voice actress as Lina Inverse

10:47  Ha ha ha.

12:31  If you want a familiar/servant, a member of the opposite sex works

13:49  A ritual can be blasphemed?

15:00  You got a pretty girl kissing you…shut up.

17:16  Of course her silence spell did this

19:39  Yeah, right

21:34  He’s much better with roses than Tuxedo Mask


This was fun.

So basically we have a literal magic girl show where there’s a Harry Potter school in another dimension, and our female protagonist is an inept magic user, and with her own Summon Familiar spell draws out a boy from our Earth, who is completely baffled as to what happened to him.  Interesting premise, and I may just go ahead and review another episode just to get a better feel of this series.

One reason I reviewed this was because it was high up in one person’s ranking of ecchi anime.  It’s not that ecchi, but it did have its moments, especially with the lead female antagonist having big boobs…you just know that will be a plot point down the road.

I’m not sure if I can really rate this on our usual 5-snowflake scale.  Maybe it should be a thumbs up or down scale now.  Or, since we are penguins around here, make it beaks up.  Beaks up it is.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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