First Impressions of Kaladesh

As you can tell, it’s been hard to update regularly, and so far no fix has been found.  However, when the full spoiler for Kaladesh was posted, we made quick impressions of the cards.  The following are quick thoughts on the cards of Kaladesh that made us go…Hmm!  Most of the following were cards that were not already spoiled, so nothing about the new Chandra until the very end when we give general first thoughts of the set as a whole.

The full spoiler can be found at:


Built to Last: a white Giant Growth variant???

Eddytrail Hawk:  Nice little Storm Crow variant

Fragmentizee: proof that WotC knows that Disenchant should come back but they are too stuck on stupid to do so

Impeccable Timing:  Dang, white gets better burn than red does anymore.  Well, that was my first thought, but given that most of the removal for Red in this set is creature-only, it might not be that far from wrong.

Pressure Point: Decent way in Limited to speed up your deck

Revoke Privileges: a Pacifism that only this set could do

Trusty Companion: if it needs to attack alone, your white weenie deck is in trouble

Dramatic Reversal:  So Jace shows up after all

Minister of Inquiries: I like sneaking in Milling strategies in Limited, but there are better things to do with energy, and this is a tad too slow.

Dhund Operative: Every color now gets Grizzly Bears w/ upside

Diabolic tutor:  So that’s where that artwork is used.  Diabolic indeed.

Thriving Rats:  Like I said before about Grizzly Bears.  Since I was born in the year of the Rat, I can dig this.

Aethertorch Renegade: GILBIC!!!  For thos that wonder what that means, it means…Good In Limited, Bad In Constructed.

Built to Smash: Nice Giant Growth

Fateful Showdown: Story card #4.  But where is Chandra?

Hijack:  Nice new Threaten, especially in this set.

Reckless Fireweaver: in this block it could be good.

Skyship Stalker:  Good dragon

Creeping Mold:  Welcome back.  Now Green gets better land destruction than Red.

Fairgrounds Trumpeter: they had to make some attempt at making Fabricate useful

Longtusk Cub:  Grizzly kitty.

Peema Outrider: Finally, a good Fabricate card.  Pauper players are already liking this card.

Servant of the Conduit:  BoP  it is not


== Our Take ==

Kaladesh sure is pretty, but there are concerns

  1.  Farbricate is usually on cards that just don’t give you the value needed to be played outside of Limited
  2. Vehicles essentially decrease the number of creatures you have
  3. Red is taking it in the chin by WotC.  The best burn spell is White, the best land destruction is in Green, and they are relying on a totally new tribe with no synergies to previous creatures as the standard Red race.
  4. They tried so hard to make Energy as non-linear as possible that they might have crippled it.

So, we are not as rah-rah on this set as others are.  Red is still being punished by not having adequate burn.  Some morons in WotC seem to think it’ll be more interesting if burn affects either creatures or players, but not both, but then it means Red has bad removal compared to other colors.  There is some solace that they are also fearing enough counterspells for Blue, but still they don’t want to give Red anything it needs to really shine.  Sad.

How soon before the new Egypt-based plane again?

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

“Beatdown” Bedford Crenshaw

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