Real Life D&D Menus

When one wants to recreate the medieval experience, many just think of the wardrobe or the weapons.  But everyone needs to eat, so why not a menu fit for your typical D&D campaign, or maybe just a low-key middle ages faire.  When we started Icygeek, we often highlighted articles on the net we found of interest to the geek crowd, and then posted our commentary to it.  We have gotten away from it, but why not try a return, thanks to this nifty article…


An Easy DnD-style Tavern Menu

As before when we highlighted articles, we don’t repeat them…we just give our spin on them.

Our take: having watched documentaries on similar subjects, a meat-intensive menu would be fairly typical when catering to the noble crowd…it has been said that commoners often had healthier diets as they had less meat and more vegetables than a noble or a king.

In the medieval times they would eat whatever kind of meat they could, so they would eat swans, eagles, and other birds we would shy away from now.  Just use a chicken and say on the menu you create that it’s a different type of bird…everything tastes like chicken anyways.

Remember that sandwiches are not period, althro carving a trench in a long loaf of bread to put stew in is quite fitting.  Also, remember that corn, potatoes, and tomatoes would not be appropriate…althro if you are pretending to be in the Forgotten Realms, you could always say that corn products were imported from Maztica.  Someone in the comments of the original article suggested parsnips and rutabagas as replacements.

Remember that alcohol was a more typical dinner beverage than water.  Soft drinks like Coke and Mountain Dew are not period, but if you are doing D&D you can just say they are special potions of health and energy that some wizard came up with.

Definitely read the original article and remember…quoth the penguin, evermore.

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