Magic Monday: Exodus Reserved List

MTG_Logo_orangeWell, it is still Monday in most of the United States.  Sorry for the delay, but here we are looking at the cards from Exodus of the Reserved List, seeing if they could come back to Standard if the List was abolished (rated Yes, Maybe, No, Hell no, and OH HELL NO), and then look to see how an alternate version could exist in Standard.

City of Traitors

In Standard?: Maybe

By itself the card is balanced, but it combos too nicely with many other cards.  A more current Standard might make this a less dangerous card, but would R&D put forth the effort?

How it could be altered?  The card is fairly straight-forward, so it would be hard to do something close to it.

Dominating Licid

In Standard?: No

Licids are considered too confusing, so forget this coming back to Standard

How it could be altered?  Licids were redone with the Bestow cards in Theros block, so a similar version was done there.

Ertai, Wizard Adept

In Standard?: No

Counterspells are neutered compared to how they were back in the days of Draw-Go.  Note they didn’t even bother reprinting it in the MTGO-only Tempest Remastered.

How it could be altered?  The cost would be greater, or for a more playable version, you’d basically have a Spellshaper, where you’d pay 4 mana and discard a card to counter the spell.

Exalted Dragon

In Standard?: Yes

The reason why this could come back in Standard is that it is so weak…possibly the weakest card on the Reserved List from Rath Cycle.  It should be an uncommon if reprinted today.

How it could be altered?  Change the color and the creature type and it would have fit wonderfully in Shadows Over Innistrad or Eldritch Moon…it would have gone great with Madness.


In Standard?: Maybe

It was a strong card (I remember hearing of it doing a first-turn kill at the Exodus prerelease at Disney World), but many of its enablers are not in Standard.  However, it would probably be a Rakdos card now

How it could be altered?  I had to double check to make sure a red version wasn’t done in Planar Chaos.  LIke I said, it would probably be a red and black card now.

Mind Over Matter

In Standard?: Maybe

It was a super-powerful card, but many of the combo pieces are gone or neutered in current Standard, so it might be tested to see if it could be reprinted safely.  It was so exciting to see this card back in the day just for the reveal that Urza was still around.  If I ever get around to doing a MTG cosplay, this is the outfit I want.

How it could be altered?  Adding a mana cost would help stop any potential abuse.

Oath of Ghouls

In Standard?: Maybe

A lot of these Exodus cards would be less powerful now that all the combo shenanigans of almost 20 years ago are no longer around.  With most decks playing lots of creatures, this might be possible, althro it would be more likely to see reprinting in a set meant for multiplayer, like a Conspiracy or Commander release.  Another problem…it might be seen by R&D as stepping on the toes of all the planeswalker oath cards now.

How it could be altered?  Just raise the price of the card to four mana.

Recurring Nightmare

In Standard?: No

Way too cheap.  I almost went Hell No, but hesitated.

How it could be altered?  It would cost more and would definitely have a mana cost to activate now.  As an enchantment instead of a one-shot sorcery or instant, t is just too easily abused if not neutered.

Survival of the Fittest

In Standard?: Hell No

Yep, of all the cards in Exodus, this is the least likely card to get reprinted in Standard if the Reserved List goes bye bye.  R&D hates tutoring effects right now, thinking it takes up too much time, so a repeatable one with a low cost to cast and activate, plus can enable graveyard shenanigans, is right out.

How it could be altered?  It would be a Golgari card, would cost a lot more, and would probably exile the card instead of discarding it.  Like I said, R&D hates tutoring effects, and especially repeatable ones.


Well, that is all the cards from the Rath Cycle reviewed for Standard potential if the Reserved List went bye bye.  As a whole, most of the cards in the three sets that show up on the list are fairly powerful, but maybe not quite so much now as they would be in the past.

Next time, we are looking at part on of the cards from Urza’s Sage on the Reserved List.  Until then…quoth the penguin evermore.

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