Anime Review: Oh! Edo Rocket Episode 1

If it’s not one thing, it is another.  Anyhow, y’all have been craving some posts, so here is an anime review.  We were wanting an anime appropriate for Independence Day, but there was none that truly fit. However, there was one that came recommended to us as being somewhat close to the theme, so we are finally getting around to reviewing it.  Here is our review of the first episode of Oh! Edo Rocket, entitled “Bright Red Fireworks Bloom in the Great City of Edo“.


0:43  This dude is already annoying

1:57  What the hell?

3:20  Please shut up, please shut up

6:02  Anyone have any idea what is going on?

8:16  We need more fireworks, and less of the “story”

9:46  Haikus are usually better than that

13:26  Crap is the right word for it

16:44  *sigh*

18:47  Thank Chilly Willy it’s over.


Ugh!  Wish I didn’t watch this suffering from a cold.

There is definitely an idea behind this anime.  A dude in a restrictive society wants to brighten the spirits of his fellow Edo residents with fireworks, all while dodging evil city officials.  To make it a more unique story, an alien wants him to build a firework that can go to the moon.  So far, so good.  That it decides to be a more wacky story is not that bad as well.  However, this show wants to throw nonsense after nonsense after nonsense at us, to the point where it is impossible to keep track of what is going on.  Sometimes less is more, but no one told these storytellers that.

Reading up on the series on Wikipedia, apparently there is a lot of purposeful anachronisms to add to the wackiness.  However, if it is anything like this episode suggests, that means it just adds to the white noise that this episode just has too much off.

Two snowflakes out of five…I don’t intend to watch any more of this series.  Thankfully we had Yankee Doodle Cricket to review on July 4th.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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