Anime Review: Digimon Adventure tri Episode 1

Digimon PenguinmonWe just heard there was a new Digimon series coming out just this past week, and lo and behold, we found it on Crunchyroll.  As we need to get back to doing content, we present to you our review of Digimon Adventure tri Episode 1, entitled Reunion Part 1.  Let’s see how the Digi-Destined have aged since we last saw them.

The episode can be found on Crunchyroll at:



0:04  Why am I not hearing anything

1:05  Where the hell are the Digimon???

1:39  Still waiting…

2:01  Finally, a modicum of action

2:42  C’mon Taichi, liven something up

3:51  Not sure what I think about this theme

4:50  Still weak but can fly?  That can mean something to us penguins.

5:59  Damn that looks good.

7:49  C’mon, show us something

9:01  “Knife of Ramen” is a pretty cool name actually

9:31  They are actually eating doughnuts instead of a rice ball in a non-

Americanized anime???

10:16  Did he just say “big cock”???

10:42  They are showing a Pokemon-Go player on Digimon?

12:18  I have a yen to know how much that is in dollars.

13:11  Those two should be an item

18:12 Definite that 7:77 on the clock is a “”WTF sign”.

21:49  Confusion?

22:31  That’s it?

23:33  These spites amuse me



Sheesh, that was boring.  I understand the need for set-up, but this whole episode can be simple be described as “The Digi-Destined find it hard to get together like old times, but it is obvious they are going to be forced to spend more time together very soon.”  That’s it.  All you need to know is that and then you can presumably skip to Episode 2.  They is nothing much to miss, and the first 5 minutes are absolutely skippable.

I also have an issue with the animation style.  It is boring, and some of the characters have very little to distinguish them from others.

I’d have to rate this as a 2 out of 5 snowflakes.  Previous fans of the Digimon might like seeing their heroes as teens, but there is nothing here to entice new viewers.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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