Magic Monday: Tempest Reserved List Part 2 of 2

MTG_Logo_orangeWelcome back to Magic Monday.  Today we are looking at the second half of the cards from the Tempest expansion on the Reserved List.  Like before, we rate the chances of a Standard-legal reprint if the List was abolished (Yes, No, and Hell No), and then we look at what could be done to alter the card just enough that a similar card could show up in a new expansion.

Escaped Shapeshifter

In Standard?: Maybe

Hey look, we got our first Maybe.  This could have been a Yes, but it has the Protection keyword, which is no longer evergreen but instead deciduous.  It’s got just the right power level that WotC would let it be reprint and the players might go “Cool”.

How it could be altered?  Not too difficult…just have to alter what keywords it can steal.  Protection will likely go, but maybe not the others.  Also, a color change might work.


In Standard?: OH HELL NO!!!

Here I was hoping to keep the ratings to simply Yes, No, and Hell No, and I had to add two new ones just like that.  Why?  Click the link above and scroll down to read the Rulings sections.  That’s why.

How it could be altered?  We’ve seen cards that fools with causing creatures to lose abilities or fool with base stats, but we’ll never see a card anywhere close to this in Standard, which a OH HELL NO pretty much guarantees.


In Standard?: No

We’ve seen a lot of similar cards since this card was made, and they are weaker than this.

How it could be altered?
Like I said, we have seen lots of similar cards in the 19 years since this card was made.  It’s pretty general fare for a blue mage.


In Standard?: No

I almost went with Maybe, but all too often Blue won’t really miss that turn if it gets a bunch of cards, especially if protecting a combo or it already has the mana to keep counterspells ready.

How it could be altered?  Making it a sorcery would make it a lot less powerful, althro even then it would probably cost more mana.

Orim, Samite Healer

In Standard?: Maybe

It would have to be renamed, but as a Legendary creature it is still within the White color pie.

How it could be altered?  Remove legendary status and maybe add W to the activation cost to keep it balanced.


In Standard?: No

Damn I miss Phil Foglio’s artwork.  Anyways, this was a fairly powerful card that is often overlooked due to the many powerful cards from the Rath Cycle and Urza Block, and WotC would be leery of it being reprinted.

How it could be altered?  This card is more Blue than Green.  I fear that at 6 mana it may be a little too good for Blue, but would make a cool Mythic Rare.


In Standard?: Yes

This is probably a Maybe, but anymore Black could just get a 2/2 for 1B anyways, so a drawback might make it acceptable at simply B.  When they made the MTGO-only Tempest Remastered they made it an uncommon.

How it could be altered?  Just make it check to see if you control a Zombie…after all, that would go right with WotC wanting you to only be affected by what you yourself control (see the newer Slivers).

Selenia,Dark Angel

In Standard?: Yes

Renamed as all Legendary creatures would likely have to be, it would be a fitting Orzhov card.

How it could be altered?  I could see this as a non-Legendary card and still be a good fit for a Standard-legal expansion.


So that’s it for all the Tempest cards on the Reserved List (the first 8 can be found HERE.)  Tempest had the fewest cards added to the list of any large set with such cards, so most were on the list simply for being too good or were Legendary, and thus hard to reprint anyways.  Anyways, soon we will cover the cards from Stronghold on the Reserved List…there’s only seven.

As always, feel free to leave feedback in the comment below.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

“Beatdown” Bedford Crenshaw

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