Magic Monday: Tempest Reserved List Part 1 of 2

MTG_Logo_orangeBack on Geekdom101 I started reviewing Magic: the Gathering‘s Reserved List, and looked at what would happen to each card if it was no longer Reserved; that is, it could be reprinted.  To be gimmicky I rated each card’s chance on the MPAA ratings scale, where G meant it would easily be put into Standard, and going into PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 (which basically meant no chance in Hades it would be reprinted even if there was no Reserved List).  I got up to Homelands, maybe Alliances, but seeing the huge amount in Mirage scared me enough to do other things.  However, I wanted to really do Tempest‘s, as that is still my favorite set ever.  So, beginning now we will go thru a handful of cards every Monday and evaluate them as follows:

  1. Could it still be in Standard (for a Legendary card it is understood that it would have to be renamed).  These will typically rated as Yes, No, and Hell No.
  2. How could the card be altered just enough so it could be redone even with the Reserved List in existence.

As Tempest has 16 total cards on the Reserved List, I will rate 8 today and the other 8 next week.


In Standard?:  No.

Getting cards onto the battlefield for free scares the dickens out of WotC.  No surprise there since the Head Designer was the one that created the “free” mechanic which really blew up Urza Saga‘s Standard season.

How it could be altered?: They might do a version that was Simic, but even that would probably have a converted mana cost (CMC) of 5 mana.


In Standard?: Hell No

It allows Red to destroy enchantments, and Red is never allowed any work-arounds to deal with its weaknesses, althro the other colors (especially Blue) are allowed work-arounds all the time.

How it could be altered?: This card would probably be colorshifted to White, the one color that could deal with any permanent, and who’s secondary feature that it forces you to discard your handle would likely not help any Madness shenanigans.  Even then, in today’s world it would probably still cost more mana,

Avenging Angel

In Standard?: Yes

This is not the strongest of Angels, but still pretty good.  The recursion ability would be its biggest liability in not being considered for Standard, but the right person could maybe convince Maro to let it slide.

How it could be altered?: Colorshift it to Red and make it a Phoenix instead of an Angel.

Commander Greven il-Vec

In Standard?: Hell No

The Fear ability has long been done away with in Standard.  Also, while this was a decent fattie back in the day, creatures have come a long way now.

How it could be altered? To be in Standard today it would be so altered that nobody might recognize it was based on Greven.  It would be a large creature with Menace and no need to sacrifice anything, and wouldn’t need to be Legendary either.

Corpse Dance

In Standard?: Hell No

Buyback is a mechanic that development would have a lot of concern over.  This card also worries about graveyard order.

How it could be altered? Just allowing it to choose any card in your graveyard instead of your top would be enough to get it from out of the Restricted List barrier.  But to keep its cost down to a CMC of 3, it would probably have to be made Rakdos.

Cursed Scroll

In Standard?: Hell No.

This card was never meant to be good…it was just supposed to be a bluff card.  I rated this card my favorite card of all time, and it is probably rated highly by most players, but its power kept it from being even in the MTGO-only Tempest Remastered set.

How it could be altered? Current R&D would probably so neuter this card as to make it unplayable.  Personally, I would just make it an artifact and have all the colorless mana required have it be red mana, so it would cost R to cast and RRR to activate.


In Standard?: Hell No

This card was once banned, so I don’t see how anything close to it would be allowed.

How it could be altered?  A redone version would probably cost at least 4 mana, but would probably remain mono-green.

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves

In Standard?: Hell No

It has two abilities that were once evergreen, but are now verboten (forestwalk and shroud).

How it could be altered?  I don’t know why they didn’t just allow Eladamri to give those abilities to itself when they redid the Oracle to make him count as an Elf.  That would be enough to make it dodge the Reserved List, althro a new Eladamri would probably just give the traditional Lord ability along with shroud replacement: hexproof.


Next week, the other 8: Escaped Shapeshifter, Humility, Intuition, Meditate, Orim, Recycle, Sarcomancy, and Selenia.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

“Beatdown” Bedford Crenshaw

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