Gen-X Cartoon Review: Yankee Doodle Cricket

We wanted to review an anime that would be perfect for Independence Day, but sadly even by asking a couple of Facebook forums the closest we got to a suggestion was one that featured a lot of fireworks (and we’ll probably review that anime later this week).  However, we remember a cartoon from our childhood called Yankee Doodle Cricket and, thanks to an anonymous helper, we managed to obtain a copy.  So here is our review of Yankee Doodle Cricket.


0:30  Sounds like Bugs Bunny.

1:04  You came close to a cat swallowing you, mouse.

1:59  R.I.P. Twin Towers

2:39  That’s some powerful speaking

3:41  What’s with people giving mice credit for the Declaration?

4:00  That mice is rather brave concerning a snake.

4:32  What neck?

5:53  The history geek is marking out on some of those phrases.

6:45  He’s as humble as me.  😀

7:09  Cats will always demand to be the ones that rule.

8:14  The thing wrong with it is that it isn’t a penguin.

9:11  Yeah, I cheddar to think about it as well.

9:50  Meet Jiminy’s more talented cousin.

11:13  Whew, I was afraid it was going to be an anachronistic Star Spangled Banner.

11:14  I’m watching a cartoon about a mouse, a cat, and a cricket creating USA icons and I’m worried about anachronisms?

13:08  A cricket playing that song might actually work

14:03 The early 70’s were surprisingly trippy.

14:40  That was probably the last patriotic donkey.

15:45  A Bald Eagle would make a great protector

16:00  Why couldn’t a Rockhopper Penguin have saved him?

16:54  Sounds like my Dad.

18:38  Even crickets have performance issues with their wives?

19:27  That horse had clause/claws to bolt.

21:38  I see he was more careful this time.

22:58  These are some kickass images.

23:43  That cold really…rattled him.



This was a very sweet video.  For those wondering, it was indeed Mel Blanc who was the voice of the mouse.

Anyways, this was an sequel to the cartoon version of The Cricket in Times Square.  Done in 1975, it was done a year before America’s bicentennial year of 1776.  It’s value for teaching history is questionable, but definitely suitable entertainment for children and those who were children back in the 1970s and early 1980s.  Take it for what it is and it’s an enjoyable, trippy ride, especially when you see animals perform Yankee Doodle Dandy.

It’s available on Youtube, but not in the USA…the one country that would really like to watch it.  It was on VHS, but apparently never on DVD or Blu-Ray.  Still, if you have kids, or you like feel-good all-American animation, this is a must have.  5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.


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    anonymous helper revealed: ME

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