Anime Review: Ben-To Episode 1

We are always looking out for anime to watch for the first time.  Today we are looking at Ben-To, where people duel viciously to get…half-price bento boxes.  Seriously?  Sounds wacky, to borrow a beloved phrase from another website.  Let’s watch.


0:24  You’re worrying about half-price bento Now?

2:00  Your biggest screw-up was playing SEGA games.  😀

3:27  Dude, man up.

4:36  Sheesh, I thought my Dad was less than stellar.

5:10  MAN the F UP.

6:23  Dude, you are easily whupped.

8:14  Sheesh.

9:48  Dude, you have no self-worth, do you.

10:51  This is dumb.

12:26  It is silly.

13:21  Gee, I wonder who did that.

14:36  She’s getting on my nerves too.

17:05  Already more action than all 3 seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal.

17:49  That’s kinda why y’all battled in the first place.

19:47  There will be no next time for me.


That’s it.

There was a list that ranked this the seventh best cooking/food anime of all time.  If this is the seventh best, that means that most of them suck week-old shrimp.  Most of the anime I have reviewed on Icygeek I had intended to watch more episodes.  Not this one.  It isn’t the worst thing I have ever watched, but I felt like stopping the show 5 minutes in and, except for that brawl about 17 minutes in, my continual watching was not validated.

People, do yourself a favor and just watch Food Wars instead.  You’ll be grateful you did.  Avoid this tedious nonsense with a protagonist that does not deserve respect.

This is rated 2 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.


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