Highlander Review: Homeland

quickeningIf I was composing a list of favorite episodes, this would be high on the list.  This is a review of the Highlander TV episode Homeland, which was the season 4 opener.  It serves as an excellent origin story for Duncan as you explore his pre-Immortal life.  You see Scotland as it transitions from winter to moon and a humongous lunar orb, as well as a battle between a viking axe and a claymore.  Good stuff.


Still not used to the 4th season having a scene before opening  credits

Grave mistake?  Cool pun.

I do like this new intro

Why I avoid auctions…don’t seem fair.

Scotland in March

She would have made a great older Rahne Sinclair

That bar is rather cold, and not due to the weather.

That scene really brings out the breast of her.

This is definitely a tear-jerker.

That’s what you get for being a belligerent asshole, Robert.

Love these raven shots.

20 years later Vikings would show the Blood Eagle in all its bloody “glory”.

It’d be ironic if those shoes were sheep-skin.

Talk about red-haired temper.

They don’t make cliffs like they used to.

She is so ridiculously nosey and bitchy.

Separate vacations would be hard to do.

Okay, having a katana = grave robbing???

They were still called vikings in the 1600s?

Need a drinking game for raven shots.

Since he axed him nicely.

Loki and Thor used an axe?

Dawson, you know better than most that Immortals fight each other.

Cool fire.

It’s more believable that a claymore can cleave a weapon than a katana. #justsaying

Another raven…take your shot.

That’s one big ass moon.

Would be cool to sword train in front of that castle.


This is such a cool episode.

On the DVD commentaries, they complain about all the production problems keeping this from being one of the best episodes, but I am sure that if I made a top 5 list this episode will likely be on there.

This episode was the first directed show by series lead Adrian Paul, who I have often claimed to have a sissy first name.  (This is because my little brother is also named Adrian, who dared me to say it to Paul’s face…I did not take the opportunity when Paul once guest appearanced at Origins).  This episode was filmed in Scotland in March and Vancouver in June, and you can tell which is which but usually I just roll with it.

Much of season 4 I didn’t get to watch, as I was working 3rd shift at the local Wal-Mart.  Originally I did not work Saturday nights but eventually I was working every one, and since Highlander was a syndicated show that aired at 11pm or Midnight on Saturday night, most of the fourth season had to wait until I bought the DVDs off eBay a few years back.  As I write this, I can’t find the bulk of my season 4 collection, but for some reason Disc one was not with it, so I can view and review this episode.

As for the villain, Kanwulf is a bit lacking.  He was several centuries old, and yet he almost was beaten by Duncan’s father and Duncan as a neophyte who didn’t even know he was an Immortal, let alone what that meant.  He was also bound and determined to find his axe, but it never occurred to him that Duncan may have buried it at his father’s grave?  Burying weapons by a grave is a common practice in many cultures, and should have been one of the first places he looked.

If you are a long time fan and want someone to watch Highlander for the first time…show them this episode.  If you have never seen a Highlander but like reading my articles (you have good taste)…watch this episode.  It might be available on Youtube, but you need to track down the DVDs…the commentaries for seasons 3 and 4 are excellent.

This is easily 5 snowflakes out of 5.  Everybody should watch this episode.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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