Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 39

Sailor MoonWow, it feels like the end of an era.  Since March we have gone thru a marathon reviewing every Sailor Moon Crystal and it has come to this…the season finale of Season Three.  We’ve had some up and several downs, but most a slog.  Still, time for that adrenaline rush as we finish off (for now) with the review of  Episode 39 – Act.38 INFINITY 12 Infinite – Journey.

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2:10  Death Ribbon Revolution?  Sure beats “Gentle Uterus” (yes, there’s a future sialor with that attack name)

4:55  Reminds me of the Magic card Damnation.

5:59  Wakey wakey.

8:41  Sounds like I found the perfect girl for my Brother.

13″14  Cleans things up better than Dawn or Clorox.

14:13  Three Babes and a Baby?

17:02  Nice cherry blossoms

17:35  So they finally found a normal sailor suit of Jupiter, eh?

18:28  Damn you three are brutal.

21:03  Aww…

22:34  Huh?

22:46  I was wondering which closing theme they’d use.



As season finale should be, it was one of the better episodes, with a lot of wrapping things up, althro we got that last little hint of something in the last second…which we probably won’t find out about until they release season 4, presumably next Spring.

If we remember correctly, in the original anime Hotaru was reunited with her father, and they went off to live happily ever after.  IN this one…well, it’s not that bad, althro you wonder how well three older teenagers will raise a baby.

In the original anime Uranus and Neptune were a lesbian couple in Japan’s version and cousins in the American, but this whole season there is nothing to say if they are either or not.  That may be for the best.  Let people just have their fan theories.  After all, only the closing theme which featured the two girls had any hints of them being an item.  Makes you wonder about menage au trois with Pluto.

Another thing that was missing…at the end of season three in the original anime Uranus and Neptune challenged Sailor Moon to a fight…one that Usagi/Serena one.  It being missing from this version didn’t seem bad, but still I missed it.

Overall score for this season is 3 snowflakes out of 5…these Sailor Moon Crystal stories just feel like they go on too long when they have no filler episodes but instead just drag out a long stories.  Let us invest and hang out with the characters, or just end the season with fewer episodes sil vous plait.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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