Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 38

Sailor MoonOK, just 2 episodes left of this ridiculous marathon.  We are getting to the final battle (hopefully), so here is our review of Sailor Moon Crystal episode 38, entitled Act.37 INFINITY 11 Infinite – Judge,

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0:29  We just saw this.

2:54  Wow, they just shamelessly repeated the last episode for the first 2 and a half minutes.

7:14  Just in case you forgot what all their most powerful attacks were.

9:40  Uh oh

11:41  A sign from above?

12:13  Some bad English subbing there.

13:48  Hope you are not heading for a fall…after the fall.

14:24  Uh, yeah.

20:23  At least she’s done with the exposition.

22:34  And with that…end episode.


End this already.

Honestly, I don’t know how much more we can say by now.  Everything feels drawn out.  Heck, the first 150 seconds of this episode was just replaying the last part of the previous episode.  Even the Sailor Saturn revelations felt like we’ve seen this before.

I definitely felt in this episode how the original creator really made a mistake in that Sailor Pluto should have been named Sailor Saturn, and then Hotaru should be Sailor Pluto.  Time was in Saturn’s domain, and we would not have skipped so many planets in season 2 with having a Sailor Pluto.  Then, in this season, the three planets not known in ancient times would be revealed, and the planet named for the god of death could be the end of everything.

Not going to bother with a snowflake rating.  If you’ve watched this episode, you’ve probably watched all the previous ones.  Just one more to go.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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