Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 37

Sailor MoonBetween a new full-time job and general boredom, it is hard to get excited about doing another Sailor Moon Crystal Review.  However, tomorrow will see the last episode of the season, so now is the time to catch up.  Here is our review of Episode 37 – Act.36 INFINITY 10 Infinite – Upper Atmosphere.

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0:27  Damn, what a grin.

1:36  They sure get captured a lot.

3:03  Still prefer the original theme better

4:08  There’s that word again.

5:34  Ouch.

6:11  Now that’s just plain creepy.

7:12  So why the heck are you still standing there?

7:47  You don’t know the half of it.

9:19  This is the creepiest episode ever.

13:00  Cue the tears.

14:24  Called it.

16:29  I was wondering if he’d go and fight too.

17:56  Those were my thoughts as well.

21:!3  They love to waste time.

22:34  And just like that…end episode.



Wow, I am glad I watched this on a Sunday morning instead of when I was about to go to bed.  Some of these visuals were just…off-putting.  At least for a Sailor Moon cartoon.

As for the overall episode, it was a lot more of just waiting for something to happen as everything seems dragged out so, as I repeat myself ad nauseum, they had to go 13 episodes when they only have enough story for 10.  The part where Hotoru saves all the souls and the crystal from falling in evil’s hands and resurrects the fallen senshi was great, but the rest just took too long.  I felt like we should be ending the story now, when the episode ends, but we still have 2 episodes.  Sheesh.

Honestly, watch the opening part of the episode before the opening credits, then skip ahead to around the 9:30 point, and you will not have missed much of anything and will have enjoyed the episode much more than we did. 3.5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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