Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 36

Sailor MoonWe’re nearing closer to the end of this current season.  Here is our review of the Sailor Moon Crystal episode entitled: Episode 36 – Act.35 INFINITY 9 “Infinite Labyrinth” .  Expect more of the same.

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1:47  Vesselization?

3:49  She looks kupo for kupo nuts.

7:29  Shouldn’t they know by now NOT to split up?

9:31  There’s that word again.

11:57  We already have Super Life Forms…they are called “penguins”.

14:03  You’re always ending up alone…for awhile.

14:58  *yawn*

18:27  Wow that’s creepy.

19:13  Oh yeah, he’s gone

20:15  Ouch.

22:08  Uh oh.


Wow, I was getting bored.  Maybe I am not cut out for endless reviews of the same series over and over again.  My opinion that all seasons of Crystal should be 10 episodes and not 13 are strongly in force.

There are two things I can really say.  First, the bad guys of season 3 in the original anime seemed creepier…until the second half of this episode.  Damn, they went full-on creepy.  Second: the battle cries when the Outer Senshi performed their attacks were much cooler than the Crystal version.  Of course, you wonder in a fifth season of Crystal we’ll get a senshi attack called  Gentle Uterus.

(I am not kidding…one of the new senshi in that season gets an attack called Gentle Uterus…dwell on that and try to sleep at night.)

Three snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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