Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 35

Sailor MoonSlowly but surely we’ll catch up to our Sailor Moon Crystal Reviews.  After doing 34 of them in a span of 3 months, it gets a little tiring.  Still, we want to cover them all, and eventually we’ll get a break of probably nine months.  Here is our review of Episode 35 – Act.34 INFINITY 8 “Infinite Labyrinth” 1.

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1:07  I’ve heard of a life for a life, but…

2:40  OK, I’m depressed…how about you?

5:04  Always time for a kiss.

6:28  Planted an egg in his daughter’s…Damn, that just sounds wrong.

8:35  She’s waxing eloquently.  (sorry/not sorry)

10:54  Lacking in fighting spirit?  Mars?

12:42  Sounds like an idol threat.

15:39  Seems like overkill.

17:49  About time y’all remembered that.

21:29  Doesn’t she ever get dizzy?

22:36  Was it that tasty?

22:39  Another new ending??

24:04  Best ending so far?



Honestly, we’re getting burnt out reviewing these episodes, so it’s hard to say much of anything.  Much of this episode felt like it was killing time, althro it was nice to finally see the outer senshi finally go ahead and agree that all the sailor guardians should be together as one.  As we said in the previous seasons, Sailor Moon Crystal would do well to have fewer episodes in a season, unless there are fluff ones like in the original anime which didn’t necessarily add to the overall story arc of the season, but did give us time to enjoy the wonderful characters.

Did anyone notice that we are now on our third closing theme for the third season?  The Tuxedo Mask ending is far better than the other two Season Three closers by far, and would be appropriate if they wanted the series to be more balanced towards appeal to the two sexes, instead of definitely favoring female viewers.  However, the original closer that was used for the first two seasons is still a more sensible closer foe the episodes.

We’ll just give this episode 3 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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