Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 34

Sailor MoonUsually we prefer to have the title of the episode in the title of our review article, but these names are getting ridiculously long, especially when put  into English.  Here is our review of the 34th episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, entitled Act.33 INFINITY 7 Transformation – SUPER SAILOR MOON.

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0:57  I’ve been asking that all season

3:19  These names are way too long.

5:51  Super Sailor Moon

7:00  This could be misconstrued so badly.

8:25  All this time…for that one attack.

11:11  I am as well.

13:11  You’d think the forbidden planet would be Uranus.  (Yes, I just went there)

15:05  Guess who…

15:59  Brutal.

18:49  Dissension in the ranks?

20:33  Damn.

22:32  Uh-oh

22:38  And after that, a super sugary closing credits.  WTH?!?


Still recovering from going from that final scene to that sugar-sweet closing music.  Sheesh.

This episode definitely feels like its stretching out for time.  However, this is one time when doing so wasn’t particularly boring…just obvious.  The only real problems with the episode is that it really delegates the inner guardians as bit players…that only Usagi, her future family, and the outer guardians really matter.   At least there is some reason for the outer guardians to not feel as close to the others but, having lived thru the 1990s, it felt like they wanted to be part of SAILOR MOON EXTREME!!!  (Which might not be bad as a pseudo-parody that runs one 30-minute episode, but that’s it.)

At least this season doesn’t feel as a whole as stretched out as the previous seasons…just this one episode, and it felt like a good stretching out; a stretching out one could savour.

We’re giving this 4 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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