Highlander Review: Samurai

quickeningOn a site that has mostly been anime and Transformers related the past few months, one wonders why run some Highlander TV reviews that are 20 years old.  Well, some of the episodes are great episodes that anyone can enjoy.  This one an Otaku should be able to enjoy due to its heavy Japanese influence.  Here is our review of the third season opener Samurai, where we learn why Duncan MacLeod has a dragon-headed katana and a deep appreciation for Japanese customs.

Since this is meant to particularly entice otakus, we will try to keep the review post-potshots as spoiler-free as possible.

Good news: for now, the episode is on Youtube.


She is pretty, considering her age.

I think you were found out about dude.

Head still attached, but then again, not an Immortal.

Too bad that won’t do any good.

At least the ancestry allows one to say “They all look alike” and get away with it.

That’s a lovely Vancou… err…  I mean Japanese coastline.

They don’t make claymores like they used to…even then.

He’s baaaaack.

Pretty, yet haughty.

Crucifixion isn’t that pleasant either.

Once a month?

“They call me a barbarian”.  LMAO

Golden Mystique?  Pretty name.

Being a historian, I’d love to have that telescope.

That definitely makes this tea ceremony end on a major bummer.

Powerful scene about friendship and honor.

Honor Honor Honor

Katana vs. katana.  TV Tropes would be “proud”.

How is Midori not seeing the beheading and the pyro & ballyhoo.

“Maybe there is.”  🙂


If I were to make a list of the top 5 Highlander episodes, this would be among them.  Not so much for the modern-day story, but for the flashback scenes where Duncan learns much about the Japanese life and customs.  Watching him deal with cultural differences was not only interesting but hilarious, especially considering that with his Scottish background even other Europeans at the time might find him a barbarian…hell, people all over the world see modern-day Scots as barbarians.  Hey, don’t any Scots bitch about this to me.  1)  You know it’s true, 2) I have some Scottish ancestry as well, 3) haggis and a national musical instrument that usually sounds like cats slowly being neutered by cold instruments.

One thing to remember is that most scenes filmed in the first half of a Highlander season were filmed around Vancouver, British Columbia.  The city he was in was unnamed but supposed to be Seattle, but fans eventually dubbed it Seacouver to the point where that name is officially canon.  Given that other TV series today are taped there to save money, you can see where Highlander was a trend setter.

The only problem with the episode is that the immortal Duncan faces isn’t that evil and has some justification for his actions.  Still, it does show Duncan’s sense of honor and keeping a pledge.  I will gladly rate this episode 5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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