Highlander Review: They Also Serve

quickeningWe’ve been wanting to review other things besides just Transformers and Sailor Moon (which we delayed this week due to storms in the area).  Thus, when we started watching an episode of Highlander for the first time in a long while, we thought this would be an excellent time to review something different.  Here is our review of the third season episode entitled:  They Also Serve.  If you want to watch more Watchers, or have never seen an episode of the Highlander TV series, then this is a good one to watch.


If you feel the Buzz, wouldn’t you be more careful.

Like a proud mama.

Feel the difference between being too involved and too cold.

Cool, an early sword fight

Great way to hide a decapitation

He’s not a proud parent like you are.

She sure knows how to break up poker party, doesn’t she?

Mongolia looks like an island near Vancouver, doesn’t it?

Why is Duncan surprised when he met Amanda and her mentor 100 years ago?

This (Samurai) was a great episode that I need to review sometime

Suicide is not painless (showing my age saying that).

Maybe he’s Conan the Librarian?

Lots of flashbacks with this episode.

Bad timing MacLeod.

In case you were wondering if Joe could be a badass.

OUCH!  My liability hurts seeing that.

If Ian thought he was feeling “run down” before.

Richie’s timing is still better than Duncan’s.

Once again, Duncan should have taught his Immortal friends to be more careful.

I’d say that was interesting.

There’s the Buzz.

I wonder if non-Immortals could survive that slide?

Was there any doubt?


One thing about doing Highlander reviews is that I have the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons on DVD, and there are excellent info on the DVD about how each episode was filmed, plus other interesting notes.  Almost all the watchers and the immortals mention have character files on the DVD, so if you want to know more about Trent the writer who was killed off screen, or how May-Ling first died (jealous senior wife poisoned her), it can fill you in.  I should note that Immortals are supposedly only survive their first death if it is a violent death, and a couple of the first deaths for the Immortals mentioned were not that violent (death from exposure to the cold isn’t that violent).
Also, given that his bar is a Watcher haven, why wouldn’t Joe tell Duncan to be careful what he does around others?  That Mike Barret guy, according to the DVD, became an internal affairs dude, and being Joe’s main helper he could really lower the boom on how close Dawson and Duncan became, as would be seen in the final episodes of the 4th season.  That book Joe had Duncan borrow was practically a death sentence.  Officially Rita Luce died that year according to the DVD extras; it isn’t stated how, but considering she murdered another Watcher and what happened to Joe at the end of Season 4, her execution by the Watchers is very possible.

By the way, that Outer Mongolia scene was filmed at an island off Vancouver, British Columbia.  What looks like distant desert is actually water.  Most of the scenes in the first half of the Highlander seasons is around Vancouver, and with the town supposedly being Seattle but Vancouver landmarks being obvious, the fans started calling the city Duncan was in “Seacouver”, and the name stuck.

We’ll be picking and choosing from the episodes available to review, concentrating on the 3rd season until the other DVD are found.  For this episode, it is not a bad episode at all to eb the first episode anyone watched of Highlander.  You really get the idea what the series is all about.  After reviewing so much crap in other series, I am so happy to give this episode a genuine 5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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