Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Episode 31 – Act.30 INFINITY 4

Sailor MoonAfter another tumultuous week, we are caught up with out Sailor Moon Crystal reviews.  Here is our review of Episode 31 – Act.30 INFINITY 4.  We are slowly, but not that surely, learning more and more on our new Sailor Guardians.

The episode can be found on Crunchyroll at:


0:24  That’s how you do a “Previously on…”  without doing a previously on

1:49  I thought her shtick was water, not sonics?

4:45  Thus proving Jerry Lawler’s adage that all women secretly hate each other.

5:44  Underage…sleeping in the same bed???

6:21  She might like that.  Sorry, can’t help myself.

7:13  Well, it does tell us where you’re coming from, and what we might possibly expect from you.

8:38  And you bought that thing here in this place?

9:52  Piss poor timing girl.

11:10  That is pretty.

13:49  Wow, you can already feel the menace.

18:08  Great dive girl.

20:46  OK, one planet is water, and the other oceans

21:37  They don’t like to stick around, do they?

22:32  Does she still count as being protected from a planet?

23:08  Wow, that’s the worse intro/outro yet.


They need to use that outro at Club Gitmo.  Sheesh.

Anyways, another fine episode of the series.  I have serious doubts on the wisdom the older senshi are using keeping our favorite quintet out of the loop so much…each grouping is stumbling over each other.  Of course, those of us more knowledgeable in sailor lore know that the inner senshi is meant to protect Sailor Moon, and the outer ones to protect the solar system from intrusion, but once you are on Earth the intrusion has kinda happen, yes?  Also, now three of the identities of the scouts (Mercury, Uranus, Neptune) would now be known to the bad guys…not great.  That’s the kind of thing that got ridiculous with the Power Rangers.

I couldn’t help but be amused that Mercury is the planet of water and Neptune the planet of oceans, when neither planet has either because Mercury’s too hot, and Neptune is a gas giant.  Then again, Uranus is a gas giant too…sorry, had to say it.

In the end, a fine episode.  4 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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