Sailor Moon Crystal Review: Act.29 INFINITY 3 Two New Soldiers

Sailor MoonGetting back on track with our Sailor Moon Crystal reviews, here is our take on the 30th overall episode of the series: Act.29 INFINITY 3 Two New Soldiers.  The title pretty much screams what to expect, so let’s see hat we get from this.

The episode can be found on Crunchyroll at:



0:28  Forward much?

0:46  Yep, new intro still sucks…FFWD

3:26  Sailor Germany?

5:10  Nothing to worry about

6:08  Well, she is definitely the butch one.

6:33  Sounds like a great D&D character

8:03  Wow that’s annoying

9:53  HostES?  Someone needs English lessons.

13:57  They have pinky-swears in Japan?

14:27  Boy she’d be easy to capture.

15:26  How could she have possibly have heard what she said?

17:46  OK, that is interesting.

19:04  They are transforming in the middle of an audience?

20:01  Yep, you can definitely be punished by love.

22:11  Don’t know about the world, but she sure shook.

22:37  And there we have our introductions.


And with each one’s charge, we’re out.

The fight scenes certainly don’t take up much time.  Usagi shows up, asks for a power-up for her rod, and BOOM…good bye baddie.  If you want action, this season is definitely not for you.

The best part of the episode was definitely the scene where Chibi-usa and the future Sailor Saturn bond.  Very touching, but between that scene the the helicopter one you can definitely see where having a kid sailor guardian poses a risk for the others, as she could be easily captured by a lying bad dude and at any time give out secrets to strangers.

This was an OK episode, but the dragging out of our favorite lesbian power couple is getting tiresome.  3.5 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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