Flash Potshots: Season 2 Episode 4

Flash PenguinWelcome back to Flash Potshots.  This is the fourth episode of season two, entitled The Fury of Firestorm.  Will Team Flash find a way to save Dr. Stein now that Ronnie is “no more” (at least until they find him on Earth-2).  Let’s see…


Great football player, great guy

Look who’s heeeere.


Barry and Stein need to work on their recruiting skills

Dang, what a douche

Oh oh, we have a new baddie.

Harrison, Harrison, he’s far beyond comparison  (sorry, very obscure Disney refeerence)


First a 52 reference, and then a Convergence reference.  Cute, DC, cute

Yep, she is a horrible liar.

Talk about a Hothead.


That’s going to require a lot of shop work…for the shop


That football stadium is never going to have insurance again.

The angrier he gets the stronger he gets?  He’s like DC’s attempt at the Hulk

Good teamwork indeed.


Well, this would explain a Wally West

And there goes another father/mentor figure for Barry.

Hopefully this pep talk from Stein to Cisco goves him…good vibes. (sorry/nor sorry)

Do they not care of the neighbors see?

A Land shark?

Wells, Wells, Wells.


Barry was correct to begin with, going for physical attributes with Dr. Stein having the brains already.

I did like how Iris decided to Protect Joe and try to see that he didn’t learn about “Wally West”.  For those that don’t know, Wally West is the name for Kid Flash, who would be called simply The Flash after the 1980’s DC event Crisis on Infinite Earths, which saw both Barry  and Supergirl die.  That Wally West was the nephew of Iris, and both were white.  Wally     thought he had a way with women , which  he  didn’t.  Power Girl (who is sometimes an alternate-Earth Supergirl and sometimes not) had several problems with him.

I like Patty as a character, but I am not buying her as a love interest for Barry.  It’s not like Barry needs another.  You have Iris as the probable wife, and Caitlyn, Felicity, and Linda are all still possibilities.  Patty is a great partner for Joe, and gives viewers another person to sympathize with as she explores the weird world of metahumans.  Also, she was correct about the shark.

It was fairly obvious it would be Jax who would bond with Dr. Stein.  He seems like he will work as a character.  Also, unlike Ronnie, there is far greater difference in abilities physical and mental between Jax and Stein, so that is a plus for storymaking.  I think it’s a little hokey that both candidates who could possibly form Firestorm with Stein were black, but there are worse things to accept.  Hewitt worked as a one-shot villain who was needed to further the narrative, but that is all.

Of the four superhero shows this week that I watched, this was the best one  None were bad,  but none were the greatest thing ever.  Definitely watch this episode.

Quoth the penguin…evermore..

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