80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 5

Visionary OsteonWelcome back to 80s Cartoon Potshots.  Continuing with our synergy with D&D Saturday, we are looking and reviewing the fifth episode of Visionaries, entitled Feryl Steps Out.  This has some D&D feel in the beginning, and some outright stupid by almost everyone in this episode.

Link to the episode:


00:00  They cut out the intro on this non-Youtube as well?  Sheesh.

00:23  A Pirate episode?  This should be fun

00:28  They are sailing on land?  How much weed was involved in creating this episode?

02:35  Obviously their craft wasn’t…ship shape?

03:02  You’ll endanger them more by significantly reducing their numbers and halving the number of Knights who can empower vehicles moron.

04:02  Sleep?  What is sleep?

04:41  First pirates, then a tavern brawl.  This episode is easily better than the previous.

05:54  They can get that close to Leoric’s chamber?  Spectral Knight security SUCKS!!!

07:05  Well that was lame.

08:55  Wow, even Darkstorm can get preachy.

09:41  Thank you for your cheesy line Leoric.

11:11  Wow, that staff is worthless even to the Darkling Lords.

12:08  I think we all knew that was going to FAIL.

13:53  If you knew about that dungeon entrance, then WHY DID YOU NOT SECURE IT BEFOREHAND???

14:21  That worked???

14:45  So Darkstorm just left his most loyal servant…hanging? (sorry/not sorry)

15:46  Stupidest?  Well, there has been a bunch.

16:39  Both sides are stupid.

16:59  Ok, NOW it takes minutes instead of second.  Holy Plot Convenience Batman.

17:41  You got to be kidding me.  LOL

19:04  And he’s the competent Darkling Lord.

20:22  Well, at least you won’t have far to go to sleep.  After today, I think you need it.

21:01  And Friendship is magic.


Well, this was better than the last one.

There were 9 Visionaries in this episode, and all but one acted incredibly stupid.  I can definitely see why the Visionaries failed as a TV series, and thus the best advertisement for the toyline: it was too dark for young kids, and too stupid for old kids.  Feryl was a moron for leaving the Knights shorthanded, Leoric was a moron for going after Feryl single-handedly, Reekon and Mortdredd should have easily stopped the Knights from escaping, and the other Darkling Lords were stupid in how they were destroying everything to find the Knights.  Darkstorm should have seen what was coming and stopped Cindarr from releasing Destruction, not to mention making sure no one could enter the dungeon that way.  Only Virulina acted competently, so yay for girl power, I reckon.

Still this episode had one thing going for it…inspiration.  I have thought about using Visionaries as a concept in Dungeons & Dragons, and with the pirates and tavern brawl this notion has been encouraged.  Maybe Prysmos is in the same planetary system as Athas of Dark Sun fame.  I can retcon the “3 suns” into saying that with the lack of astronomical knowledge that the people of Prysmos thought their moons were suns.  That would help explain way the lack of clerical magic in the world.  Throw in some Spelljammer and you have one fun campaign.

Next week: episode 6.  Until then, I can’t help but think of this when it comes to all the characters involved:

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