Anime Potshots: Sacred Blacksmith Episode 4

CecilyWelcome back to Anime Potshots.  Once again we are looking at Sacred Blacksmith, this time at its fourth episode…The Pledge.  A slight spoiler…this is a much better episode than the last one.  As always, we start with snarky commentary, and then a brief review.

No producer credits to start


00:53  Aria can see what we all can see will happen eventually.

02:29  Well THAT came out of nowhere.  (I am also now jealous of a sword.)

02:54  Given what y’all are talking about, that’s a suspicious thing you are doing to your other sword.

05:09  The plot thickens.

07:32  Telling a redhead to “calm down” is usually futile Aria.


08:30  Ahh the butt…when you can’t get away with grabbing the breasts

09:19  I attack sometimes with the power of wind and I don’t get cheered when I do.  (Yes, I just went with a fart joke.)

10:04  Sadly, that is what I expected.

12:56  How long has it been that I wish a girl would say that to me *sigh*

16:22  Damn.


Well this is the stuff that fan fiction is made.

This is definitely a more fun episode than the previous one.  Of course, all the boob references helped a great deal, but we finally see a good reason for Cecily to be our main hero.  Hopefully the rest of the series is more like this episode,  It is fun fantasy, and just tows the line to keep from being ecchi,

Recently I was doing Google Image searches for this series, and I came across for the first time the concept of huggable pillows, also known as “love pillows”, thanks to a Cecily one being very prominent.  This was the episode that begat that pillow for Cecily, as well as start the memes I saw about having a lesbian sword.

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