A Derby City BotCon

Break Transformers penguinThe world’s premier Transformers Convention, BotCon, has for the past decade or so moved from city to city, and month from month every year.  As of today, BotCon has never visited the fair city of Louisville, even thro it has come close, having been in both Lexington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati.  However, Louisville-area Transformers fans, like us at Icygeek, are about go get a fond wish because……BotCon is coming to Louisville’s Galt House, from April 7th to 10th, 2016.

BotCon 2016

This is great news, and Icygeek is certainly planning to be covering the convention.  A great convention where we can sleep in our own creche every night is sweet.  For those coming to Louisville for the first time, know that the Galt House is a block from the Ohio River, and is in the heart of downtown.  In easy walking distance is such great museums as the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Frazier Museum.  (The Science museum, even thro it was great in the 1980s, it absolutely sucks now and should be avoided.)

Louisville’s specialties that tourists must try are the hot brown sandwich and chocolate pecan pie that has several names due to anal trademark lawyers.

See y’all then.

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