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Were you a big fan of d20 Modern back in the d2o boom days?  Wish you could see a version based on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition mechanics.  Well, you are in luck…

A man named Edward Wilson has come up with a bunch on conversions, and they look great.

d20 Modern 5e Conversion


Like we said, good stuff.  Thank you Edward Wilson.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have an original copy of [amazon text=d20 Modern hardback&asin=0786928360] either.

25 comments on “d20 Modern for D&D 5th Edition

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh wow, I was wanting something to make something exactly like this. Two changes I would make are defense bonus for each class and put talents back as player choice instead of level fix. Awesome though and saved me a butt ton of work on my own.

  2. Fausto says:

    Wonderful work!

    Two remarks: you mention a “science” and “technology” skill in the Field Scientist advanced class, but where are these skills described?

    Also, would you consider grouping all the files in a single pdf?


    • palaguin says:

      Actually, I am thinking about switching things over to the new official WotC D&D page for most of my stuff. The problem is that I never brushed up on my artistry so I won’t have the pretty graphics that buyers want, and I know enough about copyright to not just google images.

      • Jeromy says:

        Did you put yourself on the new D&D page yet? The link above is empty, as I’m sure you know. I’d love to get my hands on a conversion. Please let me know where I can grab a copy!
        Forever thankful!

    • Daniel says:

      So I just discovered this conversion. I’ve been working on making a single pretty PDF of these rules. Where can I share it with y’all?

      • Jorge Amaya S. says:

        that would be awesome!

      • Matt says:

        I would love a copy of this that is pretty and print-ready as i have no skill at doing that, and i was wondering if you were ever able to complete it.
        and if you were able to complete it, where i would be able to download it from if you have already found a spot.

  3. Josh says:

    What is the font and page formats used? I may try my hand at adapting some or all of the d20 Apocalypse advanced classes to this. I’m about to start a d20 Apocalypse game, and I really wanted to run it in 5e. This conversion looks great!

  4. itssosublime says:

    I don’t know if the author will be reading this comment but just in case i want to say
    1- congratulations on this incredible achievement… This is by no means a small feat to accomplish…
    2- Thank you soo much for sharing this with all of us… Furthering my belief that the gaming community is full of amazing individuals…
    3- I truly cannot wait to put this to good use as I will be writing a modern/fantasy crossover I’ve been dreaming up for almost 2 years now that I simply couldn’t have had the time to achieve if not for you…

    May the dice gods be with you adventurer…

  5. NinjaManMat says:

    @palaguin, thank you for posting this.

    @Edward Wilson, you are the best.

    Such a great resource for a great new system! Awesome and thank you very much.

  6. Jeromy says:

    Hey, the link is to an empty folder now. I’m super bummed. Anyone got a new link or anything. I have a group of my sons friends wanting to play Modern, but I’d like to play it 5th edition styled.
    Thanks guys!

  7. Steve R says:

    I like it, I like it… except fr the wealth system. Why bring over the D20 Modern weak link? Other than that, I like what you done! Well done.

  8. Wellame says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. One question: how the modern classes balance with the phb classes?

  9. Loconius says:

    This is some awesome work!!! I was working on a straight conversion, 10 level base classes and advanced classes and all, but this approach i kind of like better?

  10. steven prosser says:

    I love what has been done, this has given me so much scope for a modern setting (or even futuristic game). Really appreciate it.

  11. geekahedron says:

    It’s a cool idea. I’m curious about some of the decisions, though; for example every basic class has d8 hit dice even though that’s not the case in either d20 modern or 5e. The backgrounds don’t fit the 5e mold either; some are OP and some are just plain useless with zero skills or equipment.

    Overall though, a nice job, and with a little tweaking I’m planning to use this for a game.

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  13. Ryan says:

    I can’t see the core rulebook advanced classes. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. Erik says:

    Thank you very much, Mr.Wilson. Very cool!

  15. Todd says:

    Good stuff. Have you updated any of these recently?

  16. Carlos Perez says:

    The link is broken my kind sir I have had so much fun these past few sessions with these rules but now I need a new character alas I can’t see any of the documents

  17. Kyle says:

    What are the requirements for each advanced class?

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  19. O'Dizni says:

    There is only small problem with the Modern Character Sheet. When you select either acrobatics or sleight of hand, both are marked

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