News on the 2016 Origins Game Fair

Origins 2016We at Icygeek have been attending the Origins Game Fair for 18 years, so we know the Origins Game Fair, held every year in Columbus, Ohio.  Today we have received 2 new news items relating to next year’s game fair.  These news items are..…as follows.

1) Next year’s theme is ROBOTS

2) The hotel block opens for registration on September 1, 2015.


This past year’s theme was Space.  There have been frequent complaints that the theme was seldom illustrated during the convention, outside of the Origins War College, a once proud feature of the game fair which has been dying for some time now, sad to say.  Hopefully the robots theme will work out well.  The anime track, which had problems last year, can definitely make use of this theme.  We at Icygeek tried having Transformers panels at the con this past year, but for numerous issues things did not work out.  We are planning to do them again under Wasabi Anime’s banner next year.

As for the hotel block, we can recommend the Drury.  It is expensive, but so is every hotel by the convention center.  If you are willing to drive a ways away from the epicenter of Origins, the German Village Inn 2 miles south and the various hotels on Dublin-Granville Road on I-71 are decent.

Continue to check back on Icygeek for future Origins news and tips.

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