Cockroaches and the Hall H Line

Lines at conventions can get ridiculous.  But it just doesn’t get more ridiculous that at the San Diego Comic Con where……people have to spend overnight in a half-mile long line laying down right next to cockroaches, as reported by The

Hall H of horrors: what is Comic-Con doing about the worst line in fandom?

This definitely bugs people who attend such lines. (sorry/not sorry)  We at Icygeek have seen bad lines at Atlanta’s Dragoncon, Indy’s Star Wars Celebration (2002), and at Gen Con, but it is obvious that the dread of house dwellers in the Southern United States is now inflicted upon the denizens of the infamous Hall H line.

It is obvious that San Diego is too small for SDCC, but San Diego is in the name of the event.  At least Gen Con had been in numerous place in Wisconsin before it eventually went to Indianapolis.  But the convention is slated to be in Sand Diego thru 2018, and San Diego is unlikely to want to renovate a convention center where it only needs more space for one weekend a year.

Our advice for the line holders for the next three years…bring roach traps.

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