Hasbro’s Battle Royale at SDCC

Black Friday sells are notorious for riots.  So are Macy’s shoe sales.  But this weekend the improvised riot was at San Diego Comicon as…Bleedingcool.com reports on a major riot over Star Wars exclusive figures at the SDCC.

SDCC ’15: Star Wars Fever Causes Chaos At Hasbro Booth

With artificial scarcity comes chaos.  We see this in primitive societies where the lack of desired items causes humans to lose their minds (liek Greece, Venezuela, etc.).  Other cons have droves of people acting like stampeding buffalo when the doors open in the vendor area of a con, but I have never seen anything like the aforescribed battle royal.  It is just another reason that we at Icygeek can be glad that SDCC is on the other side of the continent from us so we are unlikely to ever attend.

That said, the action sounds better than anything recently seen in WWE.

2 comments on “Hasbro’s Battle Royale at SDCC

  1. Rahul says:

    Sorry while I know sdcc wants to be PC this is not a place for kids 1) they can’t see anything. I seuggst you get down on your knees and see what’s at eye level then imagine 125k of people crushing in on them on the con floor all the see are legs butts and balls and it cannot smell good down there if at 5’10 my senses are assaulted 2) lines are hard for kids, sadly sdcc is all about the line if I hate it and am internally impatient. How do you expect a kid to react. 3) I was going to say baby bjorn size kids are ok but then decided No. There far to much crushing/jumbling and unintentional poking and jabbing with Swords lights abets and misc weapons for tiny tots whose soft spot is still coming together . BE A GOOD PARENT stay home and raise your kid and when there old enough (ie taller) bring em. If you must drag your tiny tot then I seuggst one parent goes in AM while other parent stays at hotel with chicklet then you hand off the kid mid day to other parent and they do hotel entertaining with future Jedi

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