D&D Saturday: Gluttony Pact

D&D LogoWelcome back to D&D Saturday. Here in the States we are soon to be celebrating one of our big holidays: Thanksgiving.  A holiday so big that even Facebook games based in Britain and Turkey know to have much to do about the day in their games.  Last week on D&D Saturday we gave a glimpse into our campaign world of the Synn Planes: seven interwoven “outer planes” each based on one of the seven classic deadly sins of lore.  Given the proximity to Thanksgiving, which sin to better to introduce today than Gluttony.  As each of the planes wish to corrupt those who travel within, each offers a warlock pact.  So for the plane of gluttony, we present to you a new pact for warlocks in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons: the Gluttony Pact.

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