Magic Special: Penguin Awareness Day, Disneyfied

Donald Duck Penguin HunterToday is Penguin Awareness Day, the greatest idea for a holiday ever (or at least for a January holiday).  What better way to celebrate than with a bunch of Penguin magic cards.  Wait, what’s that?  There is only one card in all in Magic that references penguins, and it is an Unhinged card with ugly as hell artwork?  Ahh, guano!  Well, to make up for it, we’ve mocked up a bunch of penguin cards we designed for what a future Disney Magic: the Gathering set would look like, and posted them here.  Since these were mostly made prior to the summer of 2015, and much of it dates back to 2004, there is a lot of islandwalk and protection from blue here.  Still, what do you expect from penguins?

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