D&D Saturday: Werewolf Kin Background

D&D LogoWelcome back to D&D Saturday.  (Well, the time I started writing this it’s still Saturday in Alaska).  Anyways, continuing with our October theme, we are introducing another new background.  This one is the Werewolf Kin.  Althro traditionally the legend was that werewolves created new werewolves by bite, newer interpretations have had it so werewolves are bred and form families, similar to packs.  This was seen in both Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Twilight.  So today we introduce the Werewolf Kin

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D&D Saturday: the Vampirologist Background.

D&D LogoWelcome back to D&D Saturday.  Since it is October it just seems appropriate to do some spooky additions to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  Today we are creating a background called the Vampirologist, the best name we came up with to describe someone who grew up in vampire-infested areas.  Taking the tropes from the usual Dracula stories, as well as Magic: the Gathering‘s setting Innistrad and Mordavia from Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

NOTE: This background has been updated from a previous version, due to discussions on  D&D 5th Edition discussion group on Facebook.  This includes changing the name of the background from Transylvanian to Vampirologist.  Special thanks to Michael Palazzolo for the updated feature and other helping.

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D&D Saturday: the Shinobi/Ninja Background

Ninja survive…  Uh, sorry.  Obscure 1980’s music reference.

Anyways, welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Today we have another new background: the Shinobi background, also to be know as the Ninja background.  For most the ninja is a character class, or a subset of a character class (usually monk or rogue).  However, the AD&D Complete Ninja’s Handbook had kits to modify other classes, as well as a ninja class, and there is no reason why not do the same for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  My first character was a ninja (using the kit from Dragon #189), so there is definitely a fondness for the archetype. Continue reading

D&D Saturday: Anachronist Background

D&D Logo

Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Today we have another new background for use in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons: the Anachronist.  This is a character who is usually from the future but is somehow sent back and stranded in a more primitive time, essentially a time refugee.  Of course, it could be that his era is more advanced but he is sent into a future that is actually more primitive, such as what happened to Tidus in Final Fantasy X.

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D&D Saturday: the Pioneer Background

 Welcome back to D&D Saturday.  Today we present to you a new background for your characters: the pioneer.  Unlike hermits and outlanders, these people live at the edge of civilization and help shape what future civilization will entail, whether that means expanding it or protecting it from being shrunk.  If a civilization is being attacked from without, then it is pioneers who will first feel the brunt of it.  If a civilization has just arrived in an area, it is the pioneer who discovers what new boons and threats civilization has now gained. Continue reading

D&D Saturday: The Princess Background

We have been meaning to start this for awhile, but not we shall endeavor to do this.  Every Saturday we at Icygeek want  to bring you new D&D content that you are not seeing published. We begin this with a new background: Princess.  Inspired by many fantasy princess, we hope this new background greatly increases your chances of creating your favorite D&D character,

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