Louisville Zombie Walk

Once again, sorry for new updates.  Personal life still in upheaval, and a excrementy new computer are much to blame.

Anyway, our Convention pages have been updated.  We’ve added the Louisville Zombie Walk.

Note on Future Reviews

As Icygeek approaches it’s first anniversary, we are still deciding what we need to be, and finding the time to be that.  We have decided one thing on reviews: unless it’s an episode that stands on its own, we will only rate the first episodes of a series, and if we review the entire series episode by episode we’ll rate the entire series in the season finale.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

D&D Saturday: Help Request

We at Icygeek tried to create a time warlock for today, to celebrate the new year, but unfortunately there isn’t enough spells we could find in order to facilitate this pact.  If you see anything on the web that can help us so we can create this for you at a future date, please contact us at our FB page.  Thanks.

80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 11

Visionary OsteonAs promised, since we ran behind in our promised weekly series of Potshots, we are now looking at the eleventh episode of Visionaries, entitled Honor Among Thieves.  This was perhaps the best remembered episode for us at Icygeek (with the pilot and 13th episode being the other notable ones), and it is little wonder, as it marks what could have saved Visionaries if had been more like this episode.  The rivalry between Ectar and Reekon really could have gone somewhere.

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Sorry Icygeek fans.  Unexpected vacation.  Never fear, we intend to stick around.  To compensate, expect the last 3 Visionaries potshots today, tomorrow, and Wednesday (for Veteran’s Day).  Also expect the series “Last Week in Superheroes” to start tomorrow, replacing the various Potshots for Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..