Ohayocon Tips and Tricks

Feast of the MelonsThis weekend is Ohayocon, the annual winter anime convention held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center (but mostly the Hyatt Regency) in Columbus, Ohio.  Having gone there a couple time, and having gone to the GCCC over 20 times (due to the Origins Game Fair and various Magic: the Gathering PTQs), I’ve made a list of things to know before you go and while you are there.


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ISIS-Chan Drought is Over

ISIS-Chan PenguinIt has been far too long since we have seen anything more from ISIS-Chan, a cute addition to the internet that trolls the horrendous ISIS schmucks by use of a cute little anime girl called ISIS-Chan.  Now, our favorite will always been the pencil drawing you see to the left that we believe was made just for Icygeek, but this new one does make us feel a little melon-coly, in a good way…

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Looking at Our First Loot Crate

All this year we at Icygeek keep hearing about Loot Crate, but hadn’t bothered to sign up.  But after hearing this month’s theme was SUMMON, and hoping there would be some Magic Stuff in with the inevitable Pokemon paraphernalia. we thought we’d bite the bullet and see what was in it.

We had hoped to film the opening, but the last time we used our minicam was 2 computers and maybe 9 years ago, and the software in unavailable to use it, so here is a written review, written as we are opening it. Continue reading