Forego Fandom Fest

We here at Icygeek try to have a complete list of Louisville geek conventions.  However, we had to make an executive decision and remove Fandom Fest from or listings.  Without warning their event, which was to take place next weekend, was moved from the state fairgrounds to am event center area in Jefferson Mall.  Also, Weird Al Yankovic has decided to cancel his appearance, and there are no refunds offered by the con.

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Convention Page Updated

Sorry for almost no updates this year.  It has been hell here in our creche.


Anyway, we hope for most posts soon.  In the meanwhile, we have updated our Convention page for the next Derby City and Lexington Comic Cons, and added a brand new event called Swaptember.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

Major Convention Update

ISIS-Chan PenguinWe went thru our past convention list, and looked to see which ones have already announced a 2017 date and which ones haven’t.  Past cons which do not yet have a new date announced are in our Past Con page, which you can find on the above page listing if you mouse over the Convention tab,