80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 7

Visionary OsteonWelcome back to 80’s Cartoon Potshots.  Today we reach the halfway point in our look at the episodes of Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, with episode 7: The Overthrow of Merklynn.  We already have an idea why the cartoon series/toy tanked, so let’s see if this episode confirms the hypothesis.  We already kinda know what it is about just from the title.

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80s Cartoon Potshots: C.O.P.S. Episode 1

Welcome back to 80s Cartoon Potshots, where we make snarky reviews of 1980s cartoons.  Today we look at the first episode of C.O.P.S.  No, not the original reality show where we see real-life cops having to arrest people.  This was an 1980s cartoon of a near-future where a Central Organization of Police Specialists have been gathered to deal with the worst criminals ever.  The toys all had a cap-pistol gimmick.  Yes, this was another failed attempt by Hasbro to have another strong toyline in the last half of the 1980s, along with Jem, Inhumanoids, and Visionaries.  The cartoon, airing in 1988-1989 was briefly brought back in 1993 and was then called Cyber C.O.P.S., to distinguish itself from the reality show.  Is it any good?  We shall see.  Continue reading

80s Cartoon Potshots: Visionaries Episode 2

Visionary OsteonWelcome back to 80s Cartoon Potshots.  Today we look at the second episode of Visionaries, entitled The Dark Hand of Treachery.  In many ways the first three episodes of the series was a origin trilogy similar to the one that Transformers G1 had, except that Transformers went on to have many episodes, bot in G1 and in subsequent renewals of the franchise.  Sadly, thirteen is all Visionaries had.  So we continue on with reviewing the series, Potshots style, with one a week until we finish the series, and always on Sunday to better go along with D&D Saturday. Continue reading