2021 Royal Rumble from a Lapsed-Fan Penguin Perspective

It has been awhile since I had the ability to write.  This is also the first time in years I will watch any pro wrestling, especially live events.  However, the Royal Rumble was always my favorite event, so tonight I will give a running commentary of what I think of the event.  This will be updated thru the evening.


All time US Eastern Standard Time, military style

1813:  This Lacey Evans commercial is making me reconsider if returning to watching was a bad idea.

1836: here comes our first match, and instead of eye candy we get eye liver.

1851: This match should not have been that ugly.  Can’t say as I’ve seen anything that would bring me back.

1856: I have always loved these Royal Rumble retrospectives, but with so many Rumbles everything seems truncated now.

1906:  I thought I had already resubscribed?  Oh well, I am officially a returning member and now it’s OLDBERG! OLDBERG!

1912:  Cool entrance for McIntyre.  WWE has always had good production.

1919:  That was nice and quick.  Then again, Goldberg matches have always been better short.

1939: An okay women’s match.  Only a matter of time before Sasha leaves for Hollywood.

1947:  Once again, rap music is a contradiction in terms.

1954:  Bayley could conceivably be the 1st woman to win the Rumble from the #1 draw,

2001: With Shotski I have finally found the perfect woman for my little brother.

2006: Love Jillian Hall.  I even have her theme song on my iPod…don’t ask.

2025: So much for Bayley winning

2029: 24/7 WTF!!!

2056:  Fun womens match.  I do note that they no longer have the girls wear makeup.  Probably to make them look more serious, but if you want more viewership the male gaze should be considered.

2107:  David Arquette was already off the hook; Tony Schiavone, not so much.

2129:  OUCH.  I bet he feels a bit…run downed…at the moment.

2145:  That was one heck of a match.

2210: the Archer of Infamy?  Running out of cool nicknames, I see.

2216: Time to kill da wabbit at #17

2230:  Yes, Christian!!!

2248:  Hot Damn, someone I give a damn about has won the Rumble!


CONCLUSION:  Overall, I enjoyed myself.  I might keep the Network just to see what happens thru Mania, but I doubt if I will continue past then.  I don’t think there is enough depth for me to watch on a weekly basis.

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