Transformers R.I.D. Analysis: Strongarm’s Big Score

A little late, but better than never.  Our take on the episode Strongarm’s Big Score, the 41st episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Damn, I was hoping no more human help

89 out of 120 is like a 75 out of 100…a C score. An Average score.

Average score? That’s so mean.

Strongarm worried about score? Fixit in the field? Uh oh.

Who’s that?


This Con is getting on my nerves.

Now she’s very…attractive.

Yeah, scrap.


There’s a reason why I was hoping the humans were gone.

Always good to see Optimus.

Higher than 70? Doubtful.

== Analysis==

I’m starting to like these mini-cons.

I will confess to liking these new mini-cons.  The “deployers” were a little silly, but these seems  like a cross between mini-cons and the various “masters”.  Let’s hope there is a penguin one.

This season is definitely better than the previous ones so far, how I was hopeful the human allies would no longer be around.  I did not miss them in the previous episode and they were a drag on this one.

This looks like a good time to get back into the series.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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