Transformers Review: Decepticon Island Part 2

Bumblebee RIDAre we almost free of Transformers RID episodes?  Let’s hope so.  Here is our review of what looks like a mid-season finale, and is hopefully a series finale, Decepticon Island Part 2, the 39th episode overall of this current series of Transformers.


Trustworthy and Decepticon are words that don’t go together

That’s one lousy escape

Redo on the intro?

Bumblebee, OPTIMUS is the rightful leader.

Not buying those two being dispatched like that.

The Autobots are falling too easily.

He leads because HE’S FRIGGEN OPTIMUS PRIME!!!

Steeljaw looks goofy.


About time Autobots started kicking butt.

Some SOUND strategy (sorry/not sorry)

Actually, I’d take a Bumblebee death by now if it means the actual leader now leads.

Those Fixit lashes are quite useful.

About time we heard a wolf howl from him.

No!!!  Not Wingblade!!!

Not Optimus as well!!!

Here’s hoping this is a finale.


Let’s hope this is over.

I want to like this series, but it is hard.  I hope this series is over, but it feels too much like a midseason finale than a season/series finale.  Steeljaw just isn’t the threat that Megatron is, and it is ridiculous to keep having Bumblebee act like a leader when Optimus Prime is right there.  Plus, if they continue the series, it means that not only is Optimus gone but so is the most interesting Autobot by far…Windblade.  The reasons to watch this series are going away.

As for the episodes itself, it features many of the overall problems of the series: weak Autobots, not credible threat Decepticons.  At least the human involvement was kept to a minimum.  I’ll be generous and give this episode 3 snowflakes out of 5.

Quoth the penguin…evermore.

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